Adventist Community Services was founded in 1964 by a group of ordinary people passionate about health and community work.



  1. provide relief in a material way to victims of disasters and accidents;

  2. improve the living conditions and wellbeing of the underprivileged;

  3. promote health and wellness, and improve the social and emotional wellbeing of the general community;

  4. meet the specific needs of the different demographics of society.

Many places would have donors coming with food packages but to have regular volunteers with a systematic program to check the health level of the families and also helping them to eat healthily, that is quite a unique part of PIF+.

Our residents are ageing and many of them are ageing alone. So having someone to call on them regularly, just to check that they are taking their medication properly, that they are looking after themselves, that is a very important part that the community can play. Having some help on the ground, who knows the local families well — and these are regular faces that they see — this gives a lot of reassurance to the families.
— Grace Fu (MP, Prime Minister’s Office), on the PIF+ program in Yuhua Constituency
PIF Day, Yuhua Constituency, 2016

PIF Day, Yuhua Constituency, 2016